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Native App Vs Web App

difference between a native and a Web app

a native app as one that is specifically designed to run on a device’s operating system and machine firmware, and typically needs to be adapted for different devices.

A Web app, or browser application, is one in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the Web each time it is run. It can usually be accessed from all Web-capable mobile devices.

technical difference

a native application developed for the iPhone will need to run on its proprietary iOS platform

similarly a native application developed for an android device

A Web app is typically coded in a browser-rendered language such as HTML combined with JavaScript.

languages used to develop native applications

Iphone And Ipad ————–> ios —–> Objective-c

samsung, HTC, Sony Erricson and many other ————–> Android ———–> java

Nokia —————–> symbion—> j2me

BlackBerry ————-> BlackBerry OS —-> java

and some Nokia, samsung mobiles also coming with windows Mobile operating system

All the web applications are made by using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery and supported by all the web-capable mobile devices

Advantages and Limitations

HTML5 is not a W3C recommendation yet.HTML5 may not be a fully finalized standard yet

A web application cannot be able to access device features such as GPS, camera, calendar and accelerometer where as a native application can.

Native apps has architectural advantage in security, as they do not need to connect with the network as frequently as Web apps.


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  1. Sudip
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 01:01:16

    Hi Kumar,

    I saw your profile on linkedln.

    I am an independent consultant based in Toronto, Canada.

    I am looking for an iPhone developer for one of my client here.

    Skills required:

    – 2+ years of software development experience
    – Knowledge of C, Objective C and iPhone SDK : Cocoa Touch, XCode, Simulator Tools, Touch Screen Tools.
    – Very strong OOP skills
    – Hands-on experience with UIKit, CoreData, CoreGraphics, & parsing XML / JSON
    – Minimal experience with CSS, HTML, Javascript

    – real world mobile programming experiences
    – solid understanding of software architecture
    – good verbal and written communication skills.
    – Ability to meet deadlines.
    – strong attention to detail

    Preferably both native core app and web app development experience

    – The developer need to have his own development environment (MAC)

    Let me know if you would be interested.



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